The end of an era, or at least the term.

We recently wrapped up Production design.


I was expecting something special, a party, heck even just a packet of crisps…there was noting. Heck, it was just an ordinary class. Now the other blogs might be more dramatic than I, but honestly what’s the point? It was a good class, nothing bad but nothing especially great…

I have to say though, this class was awesome while I was there, the people, the lecturer, all of it. Even the ma’am bitching on our Whatsapp group, mainly to me…actually only at me, wait…

I’m not going lie though, the projects were BRUTAL. Like the ending of Hachiko: A dogs story, that can be taken differently depending on who you are and if you have a HEART! Damn that movie was sad. OK, back to why I’m writing this article…the term is almost over. I’m sorry, but this term went by way to quickly if you ask me, mainly because i had like 5 projects for this week. That’s the only reason I’m complaining really, haha. But they’re all done and I think I’m going to cry for a while after this just out of sheer joy. The end.

What else? Well, I watched Shutter Island for the first time last night…it cut before the end. Meaning I haven’t seen the ending but apparently its AMAZING, like Robert Downey Jr. amazing. (face it, he is amazing)

Well that’s it for now, see all you beauties later!

I’m out.