The Pull List: 6/10/2015

Funk's House of Geekery

Buzz worthy books of the week

Tank Girl

21st Century Tank Girl #1

In a month of rebrandings thanks to DC’s Convergence coming to an end, one indie book is getting new life with this reboot from original creators.


Batman #41

After the crazy awesome Endgame, the final confrontation between Batman and Joker, a new Batman arises in a giant bunny mech suit. It is easy nowadays to shrug this stuff off. But I am digging Snyder’s run so far. No reason to start complaining now.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1

Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) puts together her own all-female team of ass-kickers taking the name of the recent Carol Danvers fan club.


Constantine the Hellblazer #1

John Constantine is getting rebranded back to his original title (sort of). Maybe this series can course correct from the last one.


Ghost Racers #1

A number of alternate reality Ghost Riders band…

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