Yup, me again.

So pitching…it’s a real bitch. Up until 4am this morning I was busy preparing for my pitch, or oral for “uppity” people, Ryan. (did I do that joke already? Screw it) Before I get into full-bitch mode, what is a film pitch?

A pitch is a concise verbal (and sometimes visual) presentation of an idea for a film or TV series generally made by a screenwriter or film director to a film producer or studio executive in the hope of attracting development finance to pay for the writing of a screenplay.”-Wikipedia, the most reliable website on the web!

Side note: before we even got to our venue, I fucked up some honor students speech in lecture hall LT 1. I literally walked in, guns a fuckin’ blazed and shouted out, “Thank goodness there aren’t a lot of people here today.” Long story short I was crapped out by 2 lecturers. 2! My group kinda backed out without me, leaving me under the bus, where it was cold and dark.

So today we each went up, group by group and pitched our ideas to a panel of judges, unfortunately, our group wasn’t too prepared. See, 4 of our group members had to bail as they were shooting on other films, so there we were, all 4 of us, discussing 6 topics. (I could be wrong, but I love being dramatic). After the pitch, which went averagely, we got feedback.

Guess who got the most feedback. ME. that’s right, yours truly got the most backlash. Like it was all my fault that the cinematographer was doing something that would screw up my design. Ugh….at least it’s over…until next term, AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

There you have it, group bitches, sorry, pitches.

I’m out


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