Boards of life…yeah, I went there

I’m Back, Baby!

This term we had to create two boards for Costume, Makeup and Design class (or art direction for the “uppity” people, Ryan. One had to be that of a character board, which entailed myself to design a collage of photo’s that represent my character in my upcoming blockbuster, (I’m optimistic like that), Alice.

Alice is a student at a upper-class University, also known to us peasants as “high-Society”.

After much thought and a lot of chamomile tea, this is what I came up with:

HIZ-HAY in the character board...ay

HIZ-HAY in the character board…ay

Nice, huh? It took me 10 YEARS to produce something this beautiful. I trained with monks in the Alps as a kid, honing my craft in board making and this is the product of that…you’re welcome.

Up next: Mood Board.

So this was a little bit complicated. Since I only saw the SCRIPT the day before doing these boards, I had little to no knowledge of what the mood of our characters/film actually was, but I saw the word FEMINISM and immediately I thought of superheroes. More specifically DC Comics supeheroes. What, I’m a geek. I also thought of bat-shit weird politician, Hillary f@#&*n Clinton.

So, after much toil and trouble, this is what came out:

Hillary, you beaut.

Hillary, you beaut.

And that was about it board-wise, hope I wasn’t too boring, Ryan.

To end off, I thought I would share with you what feminists hate about men. Here goes:


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