My Fairy tale, Beauty and The Beast…with a GIF!

Reinvention of a Fairy tale…


The fairy tale I have chosen to base my project off of to fit in with today’s society is Beauty and Beast. The reasoning behind this choice was that I asked a lot of people what they were doing and the answers were the same. Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White were the majority of the responses I would get. So I tried to veer from the norm and choose one of my favorites, Beauty and the Beast.

The Story

In my modern day take on the story, the beast was a black gentleman who grew up in the projects in the Projects. Beauty was a white university student.

So here’s the story.

Belle was an aspiring writer in University and the daughter of a single parent. Her father was an inventor at NASA. He was a little “kooky”, but this didn’t faze Belle, she loved him nonetheless. All the guys at school thought that she was the most beautiful chick. Meaning that Belle got hit on a lot, the most by a guy named Gus, he tried every day, but since he was a rude jock, Belle declined his offers on a daily basis.

Now for the beast, His name was Eric. He was a young black gentleman from the projects. He was attending a different university from Belle. He was misunderstood as he had a gentle heart but a rough exterior because of a forced gang-life.

For one of his gang trials, he had to kidnap somebody and hold them for a ransom. So one night he crept into the “upper-class” neighborhood and found his victim, an old man, maybe in his early 50’s. He captured the man and took him to the gang’s hideout. Little did he know that this man was Belle’s father!

He called Belle demanding the ransom fee. Unfortunately, Belle didn’t have the money and didn’t have a job either. So she offered herself over in place of her dad, that way her dad could pay the ransom when he made the money. Belle’s father did not like this plan at all, but it was the only option, so they made the switch.

Over the next few weeks, Belle realized that Eric was not a bad guy, but a product of his social upbringing. She saw that his heart was warm with love and that he didn’t want to go through with this ransom. So one night he let her go. That same night he decided to leave the gang and focus on his dream of becoming a lawyer in the Big Apple.

Belle’s father was overjoyed when he saw his daughter walking up their driveway and welcomed him back with a big hug and kiss. He still did not trust Eric, but was thankful he let her go.

One night Belle went to a party downtown with her friends. Afterwards she walked home…alone. Remember Gus? Well he was at the party as well and saw her leave, he decided to make her his that night. He followed her a few blocks and eventually caught up to her and shoved her into an ally way. You can all imagine what he was going to do. As he was undressing her, Eric showed up. He beat Gus up and called the cops.

Since Belle was in shock, Eric carried her home.  Her father ran outside when he saw them. After explaining what had happened, Belle’s father saw Eric for who he truly was and approved of their relationship.

They got married after university and are both successful in their fields. Her dad is retired now, but continues to consult for NASA as head inventor/innovator. He is still kooky.

Beauty and The Beast, Michaela being the latter. ;)

Beauty and The Beast, Michaela being the latter. 😉

How it might be relevant in today’s society.

Since my story has to be relevant in today’s society I thought up a few reasons how/why it could be:

  • It is the norm for the rich to be with the rich and the poor to be with the poor. They don’t “mix” with each other.
  • Conservative upper-class families wouldn’t usually allow their daughter date the other race, if said race was poorer and not of the same standard as them.
  • Rape is a relevant issue and often happens after parties. Young girls get targeted all the time and often to walk in groups to and from parties/late night events, to avoid such attacks.

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