My Room. To be more specific, my livingroom


My place on a good day.

My place on a good day.

How does this space make me feel?

Before I begin, I have decided to write my essay on my living room as I have a room-mate, and I feel like the room we share does not really represent me in any way.

OK, so in my living room, the feeling I wanted to create for myself and guests was COMFORTABILITY. To be honest, I think I’ve achieved that goal as my house has that feeling as I and many of my friends feel relaxed when in my living room. Personally, my living room has everything that I want it to: Posters that represent me and my hobbies, action figures of popular comic book characters, (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles etc.).

It also feels “homey”, meaning that it feels like a home, not just a student apartment. I have a working fireplace, two leather (or “pleather”) couches that can seat five, Television with DSTV, carpet. And to not forget, my apartment is not a student res. It is an apartment for two, so there aren’t people constantly walking around. It makes the place feel more personal (for me at least).

So to sum up how my place makes me feel:

  • Comfortable
  • Peaceful

How my living room represents me.


My living room represents me in many different ways and through many different objects and/or items throughout.

I am going to name all these items/objects that represent me and why.

  1. Planet of the Apes (1968) Film Poster


So for the first item, the Planet of the Apes film poster represents me in a few ways:

  • I am a huge fan of comic books and POP culture. For me, I think this obsession started when I watched the original Planet of the Apes movie with my dad when I was around the age of ten or eleven. From there I have collected well over 100 plus comic books and graphic novels to date. When I saw this poster (which takes up the majority of my one wall I might add), I had to buy it. It is kind of the thing that made me who I am today, a fun-loving comic book fan. Whenever I see it, it brings back memories from when I was a kid.
  1. Framed Superman Unchained issue 1.


So yeah, this kind of pushes my “geekiness” over the top. I had my Superman Unchained issue 1 framed. Why? Well there are three main reasons why.

  • So first off, the reason I framed this specific comic book was because (A) I love comic books, specifically DC comic books.
  • (B)The artist, Jim Lee, is my absolute favourite artist of all time. He has worked for Marvel, Image (which he co-founded), and now DC. His most popular works include: Batman, W.I.L.D CATS, Justice League and X-men.
  • And (C) It is an issue one and it hasn’t been opened. I have recently bought the entire volume, meaning I have read it.

This item kind of indicates that I love comic books. Everyone who has seen it has asked that question: “Are you a fan of comics?” You know the answer.

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures.


Right off the bat, I’m going to state that these figures do not help with girls. So there’s that.

My cousin recently went to the States and when she got back she gave me these TMNT figures. Now you may be wondering how these items represent me. Well, when I was growing up in the 90’s, the one cartoon show that every boy watched was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I also watched Power Rangers, but that’s beside the point. So for about 5 years I watched this show religiously, until it ended.

I still occasionally watch the new TMNT show on Nickelodeon, but it’s not really the same.

  1. The Joker drawing.

(as seen above)

For my 18th Birthday, my good friend, Kimberlee Viljoen, drew Alex Ross’s interpretation of The Joker. She is super talented and when I saw it I had a mini-panic attack. It was AMAZING. So amazing in fact, that I had it framed and put it up on my shelf in my living room.

As some of my close friends will know, I love Batman, especially in the comics. This meaning that I love The Joker just as much. He has to be my all-time favourite comic book villains. So having a one of a kind drawn picture of him, it’s just really awesome.

  1. Matric farewell photograph.

Even though I have a weird face in the photograph, this item means the most to me. It was taken late last year when my school had its Matric Farewell, I went with Kimberlee, remember her?

It was a pretty lousy farewell I might add, but Kimberlee and I had a good time, (and subsequently this lead to our families becoming really good friends). Her dad took the photo and Kim gave it to me for my 19th Birthday (I think it’s become a habit for her to give me pictures).

Since Kim and I are really close friends, this item means a lot to me and has a lot of sentimental value.

What else?

Other items lying around that represent me could be:


  • Various Magazines, (surfing, GQ etc.)
  • Various DVD’s, (All comedies, Family Guy as well as Dark Knight Trilogy)
  • Various CD’s, (Frank Sinatra, The Blues Brothers, A lot of Rock old and new)

Color choices.

Since this is not my house technically, I cannot paint it, but I have grown fond of the pale peach colour. The outside of my house is grey, which I really like. Neither of these colours really represents me, but I like them both. I will try to paint it very soon though. Here’s hoping that my land-lord is cool.

Anything I don’t like…?

Actually there is one thing that I’m not quite fond of. See, my house isn’t very big, meaning that my kitchen is part of my living room. So if there are dirty dishes, everyone can see them/smell them. And my kitchen is very, very small, so even a few plates make the place look dirty. But that’s the only thing about my place that I do not like.

Thanks for listening guys!


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