[WARNING: CONTENT MAY OFFEND SENSITIVE READERS!] The creation of a fictional character: The Heels and Heart Killer

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a bit about it all

We have been assigned a project in CMS where we have to create a fictional serial killer. I have never had too much interest in serial killers except a fleeting fascination with Charles Manson’s murders, as him and his followers (The Manson Family) has the most stylised murder scenes.

Furthermore, The Station Strangler has also been an interest because in my childhood years he was a figure as threatening as the Boogie Man. Unfortunately, it was much to my relief at seven years old when I realised all his victims were little boys and not girls. This is not said with any offence to victims or their families. However, it never took away the possibility of him catching me as his first little girl victim. Being a kid in the Cape Flats in the nineties was having The Station Strangler as much in your memory as was the 1994 World Cup victory…

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