Colour schemes and injuries 

My paintings were terrible, that’s all you gotta know.


Getting to class on a Friday and being told that you are going to paint… Yes it’s exciting. No I’m not good at it. So we were supposed to paint a monochromatic, complementary and triadic colour scheme on separate sheets and there in identify a antagonist and protagonist. Unfortunately I only got as far as monochromatic after starting over twice, and i ended up with paint on my shirt.

The pink is mine and the green belongs to the one and only Paul Roux ( – go take a look). Is painting my forte ? Evidently not, so I’ll just attempt art in other forms 😀

Next in class, we were taught how to do our first bit of special effects make up.

Mrs E demonstrating how to do a bruised eye.

Mrs E’s cut.

Again, Mrs E’s bruised eye, all done with water paints.

Safe to say my first…

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