Color theory in the world of a serial killer

Color Theory

By Me

The world I have chosen to do is that of my serial killer. She is 24 years old and is currently attending university. She is very beautiful and gets hit on by guys all the time. She wears bright colors as it personifies her outside emotions and feelings. She has a deep hatred for men with a history of violence towards women.

I am going to discuss two environments that my character finds herself in. Her bedroom and the crime scenes she leaves behind after every kill. Firstly her bedroom, these are the colors I am using:


White will be used for her bedding. White can indicate 2 things right off the bat:

1: we might find that she uses white because it indicates pureness and cleanliness. As she is a serial killer, this could indicate that she puts on a front to trick friends and family of her true nature.

2: It could mean that she herself sees herself truly as pure and she wants the world she lives in to be pure, that is why she kills. To rid the world of impurities, to make the world a better place. She therefore sees no problem in what she does.

-She also covers her body with the white sheets, as if she is putting on this mask of purity.

Bed and throw

Bed and throw


I have chosen to paint my characters bedroom walls light purple, why?

  • As she was an only child, her parents got to spend a lot of time with her, namely her mother. She would often take her into their garden and have picnics between the lavender bushes.
  • At the end of the picnic, they would pick some lavender for her dad that was usually busy at work.
  • Purple is known to be the color of mysteriousness; this can point to the fact that under her happy and social “mask”, she is harboring a terrible secret…
  • Purple could also indicate death as at many funerals and mortuaries; purple is a common color to see.
Dem walls

Dem walls


Her cupboard/throw on her bed will be Red as well, as this shows that even if she has this fake persona of purity and cleanliness; she still has a hint of violence and vengefulness inside. She alsohas a bloodlust for bad men. This could also be why her cupboard is red.

Now since she can’t recreate the smell of lavender with ordinary paint, she keeps has a jar of incense on her bed side table, she lights a few whenever she misses her home.




I’ve decided to also use red for her curtains because after having both white and light purple indicating peace, when the sun sets or rises the bedroom is drenched in red. So for instance, when the sun sets the red is filling the room indicating that she is about to do something sinister. And when the sun rises in the morning, and the room is once again drenched in red, it indicates the act has been done.

Red curtains

Red curtains


Even though she is a killer, her personality is an inspiration of characters that have a quirky, bubbly personality. So to add some fun to the room I have decided to incorporate a decorative carpet. There will be a variety of colors used; this shows that she is quite zany and fun. (Don’t forget she has friends and a social life.)

So as we can see, the colors used will both support and oppose her to some extent.

Aztec-inspired carpet

Aztec-inspired carpet




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