I’m Back Baby! ft. Sweatpants

That’s right folks, after a 5 day hiatus, I’m back. Turns out, the “uncapped” wifi I was given at my place isn’t so uncapped, meaning that towards the end of every month our internet is just like: “fuck it!”

So what have you missed out on? Well, for starters, Group document questions are for today and I stayed up until 4am finishing up, so I am tired as hell right now. Other than that, nothing much happened. I burnt a pizza, watched The Warrior for the 101th time, cried my eyes out for the 101th time…uh…what else…? Oh yeah, I attempted to create realistic-looking wounds in Costume and makeup class. It went greaaaaat…(article on that will be up soon!!)

Now onto the pressing issue of this entire article…sweatpants. That’s right, I’ve run out of things to talk about that actually matter. But sweatpants…PLEASE DO NOT WEAR THEM UNLESS YOU GYM/EXERCISE! I’m sorry, sweatpants are just the laziest thing you could put on your legs guys. Wearing them is like admitting to the world that you’re not getting “any” tonight.  Wearing sweatpants also indicates you hate being hit on. I could go on for days…my point: don’t wear sweatpants, they’re lazy and sad. They remind me of Droopy the dogs face. Yeah, that bad.

The only time sweatpants are cool, is when Childish Gambino raps about them…

That’s right, I posted it. Just watch it and enjoy.

The quote of the day comes from Rick Riordan and he said: “Yeah, well. I don’t try to be awesome. It just comes natural.” I agree.

I’m out.


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