Entering the mind of a Serial Killer Pt. 2: Behavior

And we are back from the commercial break. Ready for more? I am now going to discuss BEHAVIOR.


2 types:

  • Organized.
  • Disorganized.

(This all depends on the look we get from the crime scene).

The 2 types are also given 2 sub-types, these are:

  • Non-social.
  • Social.

(Does society exclude them, or do they exclude themselves?)

  • The majority of serial killers are ORGANIZED & NON-SOCIAL. This is known because they all tend to follow a certain pattern.
  • Robert Ressler and Tom Shachtman describe a study conducted by the FBI, which included interviews with dozens of murderers (mostly serial killers). In each case, they found “similar patterns of severe childhood neglect.”
  • A lot of the time, their behavior is due to the fact that they were abused as a child. This could be sexual or physical.
  • Studies have shown that this is one of the main causes for kids becoming serial killers.
  • They could also have WITNESSED these crimes happen to family members.
  • This makes them grow up with a sense of nobody but THEMSELVES.
  • @ the same time, not all kids with this background/upbringing, grow up to become killers.
  • During a child’s development, there are important periods in which he learns about love, trust, empathy and basic rules about how to interact with other human beings. If these traits aren’t imprinted upon the child during that period, it may not be possible for him to learn them later in life.

That’s it for Part 2! On to Part 3.


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