Entering the mind of a Serial Killer Pt.1

So now that we have officially started with our “Serial Killer” project, I’ve been doing some digging on the subject. What are they? Why do they do the things they do? These questions and many more were answered. I’m going to give the bullet-form list to show you all what I found. Feel free to reblog this for yourself, we all need the help!

So, here goes nothing.

  • The term “Serial Killer”, was coined by FBI’s VCA, Robert Ressier in the 70’s.
  • Serial Killers all have “cooling off periods”.
  • Serial Killers are different from (a) Mass-murderers and, (b) Spree-killers.
  • In the past Century, there have been around 400 cases involving serial killers.
  • With around 2526-3860 resulting from serial killers.
  • We will never know how many serial killers are out there.

There is a term for their motive for killing, “Holmes Typology”:

  •  Studies has shown that serial killers do not fall into one category alone, in fact there are 2 known categories already known:

(A) Act-focussed: Killing is simply about the act of killing itself. This category has 2 sub-divisions:

  • 1. Visionary: He/she hears voices or sees visions that tell him/her to kill.
  • 2. Missionary: Believes he/she has to actually get rid of certain people/races.

(B) Process-focussed killers

  • Gets enjoyment from the actual PROCESS of killing and enjoys their victims having SLOW DEATHS.
  • This category has 3 sub-divisions motives wise of hedonists:
  • 1. Lust.
  • 2. Thrill.
  • 3. Gain.

1. Lust:

  • Sexual pleasure from killing.

2. Thrill:

  • Gets a “kick” from it.

3. Gain:

  • Believe they will profit in some way.


  • Wish to play God, they want to feel that they are in charge of “life & death”.

Get ready for Part 2 of: Entering the mind of a Serial Killer!


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