Reblogging doesn’t make me lazy…does it?

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Mishka Moon Shade ॐ☪ॐ☪ॐ☪


Hello my little Mushkas..

Just have to say.. Im feeling much smarter now haha! Becoming familiar with PD terminology is making me feel like I’ve got a much better understanding for it all as well as feeling like I could actually contribute during a conversation with a certain experienced someone about factual vs conceptual research.

hypothetical dialogue..

Certain Experienced Someone… “Well, Ive done the bulk of my conceptual research. Decided to leave the Christmas tea party scene in the 1773 flash back of the American settlers.”

Me… “I did a bit of factual research and have come to find that on December 16 1773 the Boston Tea Party toke place and 342 chests of tea where thrown over board. So logically, a tea party for Christmas right before the Civil War might not be so accurate.”



Loved taking a look at Character Appearance by Jean-Paul Gaultier in

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