All nighters…the real bitch

This message is brought to you from a small, single apartment in Observatory, Cape Town, where I, Tristan Kunz am attempting to pull off the elusive act of, “Pulling an all-nighter”. Why? Well because Group Document Questions have to be completed by next Monday and I, being the smartest human being of all time, had no idea. I guess that means that I’m not the smartest human being after all…huh.

Back to the challenge at hand-Group Document Questions, also known as the f@#$%n devils’ crotch sweat of AFDA. That’s right…crotch sweat. Group Doc’s are basically essay consisting of 350 words and up. We base these essays off the 5 principles of film: Narrative, Performance, Medium, Aesthetics and Control. All of them are equally horrible and difficult to answer. So here I am, stuck on the second one. That’s why I am pulling an all-nighter.

The thing that is killing me the most is that I don’t have a DAMN script to work off of, making my job of answering these questions that much more harder. F@#%!!!!!!!!! *sigh*. I’ll be up for the rest of the night, so I might have another bitch-fit a bit later. Just bear with me on this one guys.

That’s about it from me. Not a very long blog post, I know…just felt like bitching on the subject. 🙂

Here’s how the guys over at College Humor spend an all-nighter. Enjoy, for my sake.

I’m out.


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