Our First Look at the New CBS Series ‘Supergirl’

Since I’m a huge fan of DC Comics, this intrigues me.


Oh Supergirl. I really didn’t think this series was going to get the ol’ go ahead. But with our first look at the new pilot episode for the series here, I can now see why it would get greenlit. The reason? It looks fun.

I had to watch this a couple times before I actually got it. My opinions are mixed. Everything on the DC movie frontier lately has been super dark, heavily filtered, with a side of grit. And as far as DC television shows – most of which are located on the CW – they’ve all held a mixed bag of humorous levity and serious peril. From what we’ve seen of the Supergirl pilot episode, it appears we’re getting something wholly different.

It looks like this will lean more on the side of humorous levity. To be frank, the video above makes the series out to be a…

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