Group work…a real bitch?

So group work…yeah. Woke up this morning, feeling like a million bucks, ready for the world, when I got a text saying there would be a group meeting at 13:00pm. It was 12:45.

Speedy Gonzales would of been proud seeing me whiz, and I say WHIZ, around my house getting ready for the SHIT 😉 I was about to find myself in. Sprinting to school was no problem, if it weren’t for the kids in the street laughing at the way I ran. One in particular threw rocks at me…that bitch.

So I’m at school and guess who’s not there? My group. All of the blood, sweat and TEARS were for nothing, absolute jack-shit. I was peeved to say the very least. Eventually though I spotted them heading my way, SMILES smacked on all of their faces…I did not return the gesture easily. After a few apologies, everything was sorted out. As I looked at all their BEAUTIFUL faces, one key face was missing, our Director! To make matters worse, we ended up having to speak at the pitch tomorrow…just my fucking (and I use this word lightly) luck. Our director did show up later, so everyone loves everyone again.

First off lets make something VERY clear, so clear in fact, you could say CRYSTAL, I myself am not a good public speaker, so “un-good” in fact that my whole body shakes and my face tingles…yeah, MY FACE FUCKING TINGLES! Secondly, I tend to rush my words when I’m nervous, so a 5 minute talk, turns into a 45 second talk…that bad. But let’s leave this topic of public speaking for now.

I’m busy at the moment working out my speech, so I’ll have to leave you lovely readers for the time being. But tomorrow, you’ll hear all about it in my next bitch-fit.

Quote of the day comes from the great Hulk Hogan and he once said: “I woke up and realized life is great and people are awesome and life is worth living.

I’m out.

 oh my gawd

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