My First Time

Aha! That title intrigued you, didn’t it? Well…PSYCH, the only thing this article will delve into, is that of my first day at PD.

First I arrived a little late as NOBODY told me where the f@&*$n class was (story of my life), so I spent the first 15 minutes of the school day tearing up and aimlessly following anyone that looked like they knew where to go…that person being Michaela, aka Hawaii.

Eventually though we got there and the class had already started, lucky me. Mrs.E was forgiving when it came to our tardiness and I found a seat near the door.

From there class was a blast, we learned a ton about: C.M.S/P.D and how the two work together, emotional relevance and how we as c.m.s/p.d students are integral to the overall impact of the movie. We ended off with a medley of sad scenes from various movies. I DID CRY when The Iron Giant played,Β  #Superman, as well as when Mufasa got trampled…who didn’t??

To end off, here is a quote that inspired me to get out of bed today: “We might as well cut our nuts off and turn them in to the Dude Sheriff, because we don’t deserve these badges that we call testicles.”

I’m out.yeah...not so much


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