The Pull List: 6/10/2015

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Buzz worthy books of the week

Tank Girl

21st Century Tank Girl #1

In a month of rebrandings thanks to DC’s Convergence coming to an end, one indie book is getting new life with this reboot from original creators.


Batman #41

After the crazy awesome Endgame, the final confrontation between Batman and Joker, a new Batman arises in a giant bunny mech suit. It is easy nowadays to shrug this stuff off. But I am digging Snyder’s run so far. No reason to start complaining now.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1

Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) puts together her own all-female team of ass-kickers taking the name of the recent Carol Danvers fan club.


Constantine the Hellblazer #1

John Constantine is getting rebranded back to his original title (sort of). Maybe this series can course correct from the last one.


Ghost Racers #1

A number of alternate reality Ghost Riders band…

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Daredevil Season 2 Will Introduce ‘The Punisher’ to the MCU

This show was so AWESOME to begin with, now…better.


It seems that with each announcement, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe gets bigger and bigger. It was announced earlier today that Jon Bernthal of The Walking Dead fame will take on the mantle of The Punisher/Frank Castle in season 2 of Netflix’ hit series, Daredevil. The Punisher has a huge following amongst comic book fans, and many are excited to see where they’re taking this iteration of the character. I for one believe Jon Bernthal’s casting to be spot on. Looking at him now, I’m honestly surprised he wasn’t hired to play the character sooner.

“Jon Bernthal brings an unmatched intensity to every role he takes on, with a potent blend of power, motivation and vulnerability that will connect with audiences,” said Jeph Loeb, Marvel’s Head of Television. “Castle’s appearance will bring dramatic changes to the world of Matt Murdock and nothing will be the same.”

Also introduced was the updated logo…

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Yup, me again.

So pitching…it’s a real bitch. Up until 4am this morning I was busy preparing for my pitch, or oral for “uppity” people, Ryan. (did I do that joke already? Screw it) Before I get into full-bitch mode, what is a film pitch?

A pitch is a concise verbal (and sometimes visual) presentation of an idea for a film or TV series generally made by a screenwriter or film director to a film producer or studio executive in the hope of attracting development finance to pay for the writing of a screenplay.”-Wikipedia, the most reliable website on the web!

Side note: before we even got to our venue, I fucked up some honor students speech in lecture hall LT 1. I literally walked in, guns a fuckin’ blazed and shouted out, “Thank goodness there aren’t a lot of people here today.” Long story short I was crapped out by 2 lecturers. 2! My group kinda backed out without me, leaving me under the bus, where it was cold and dark.

So today we each went up, group by group and pitched our ideas to a panel of judges, unfortunately, our group wasn’t too prepared. See, 4 of our group members had to bail as they were shooting on other films, so there we were, all 4 of us, discussing 6 topics. (I could be wrong, but I love being dramatic). After the pitch, which went averagely, we got feedback.

Guess who got the most feedback. ME. that’s right, yours truly got the most backlash. Like it was all my fault that the cinematographer was doing something that would screw up my design. Ugh….at least it’s over…until next term, AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

There you have it, group bitches, sorry, pitches.

I’m out

Boards of life…yeah, I went there

I’m Back, Baby!

This term we had to create two boards for Costume, Makeup and Design class (or art direction for the “uppity” people, Ryan. One had to be that of a character board, which entailed myself to design a collage of photo’s that represent my character in my upcoming blockbuster, (I’m optimistic like that), Alice.

Alice is a student at a upper-class University, also known to us peasants as “high-Society”.

After much thought and a lot of chamomile tea, this is what I came up with:

HIZ-HAY in the character board...ay

HIZ-HAY in the character board…ay

Nice, huh? It took me 10 YEARS to produce something this beautiful. I trained with monks in the Alps as a kid, honing my craft in board making and this is the product of that…you’re welcome.

Up next: Mood Board.

So this was a little bit complicated. Since I only saw the SCRIPT the day before doing these boards, I had little to no knowledge of what the mood of our characters/film actually was, but I saw the word FEMINISM and immediately I thought of superheroes. More specifically DC Comics supeheroes. What, I’m a geek. I also thought of bat-shit weird politician, Hillary f@#&*n Clinton.

So, after much toil and trouble, this is what came out:

Hillary, you beaut.

Hillary, you beaut.

And that was about it board-wise, hope I wasn’t too boring, Ryan.

To end off, I thought I would share with you what feminists hate about men. Here goes:

The end of an era, or at least the term.

We recently wrapped up Production design.


I was expecting something special, a party, heck even just a packet of crisps…there was noting. Heck, it was just an ordinary class. Now the other blogs might be more dramatic than I, but honestly what’s the point? It was a good class, nothing bad but nothing especially great…

I have to say though, this class was awesome while I was there, the people, the lecturer, all of it. Even the ma’am bitching on our Whatsapp group, mainly to me…actually only at me, wait…

I’m not going lie though, the projects were BRUTAL. Like the ending of Hachiko: A dogs story, that can be taken differently depending on who you are and if you have a HEART! Damn that movie was sad. OK, back to why I’m writing this article…the term is almost over. I’m sorry, but this term went by way to quickly if you ask me, mainly because i had like 5 projects for this week. That’s the only reason I’m complaining really, haha. But they’re all done and I think I’m going to cry for a while after this just out of sheer joy. The end.

What else? Well, I watched Shutter Island for the first time last night…it cut before the end. Meaning I haven’t seen the ending but apparently its AMAZING, like Robert Downey Jr. amazing. (face it, he is amazing)

Well that’s it for now, see all you beauties later!

I’m out.

Little Bloody Side Project…


Mishka Moon Shade ॐ☪ॐ☪ॐ☪


Hello Mushkas…

I had a second year student at AFDA, Cute-Elizabeth, help me with the preparation for my fake serial killer shoot in costume and makeup design class. We made some fake blood with flour, red dye and coffee and did a little test shoot with my fellow Costume and makeup classmate Babs.


We decide to make a reinvented Carrie styled shoot.

I photographed did the visual effects and production design, Cute did the costume and makeup and Babs was the model/actress.

DSC_0301.2Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 6.07.30 PM

Some behind the scenes shots.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 6.13.52 PMScreen Shot 2015-06-02 at 6.14.07 PM

#LovePeaceHappiness #MoonChild


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Who Are We?

This class was pretty awesome!


In yesterday’s Production Design class we evaluated our lives with the help of the wheel of life. It shows eight different categories of ourselves to rate with a number from zero to ten, depending on how much a certain aspect is present in our lives – or how happy we are with it.


The eight categories are Health, Career, Fun & Recreation, Physical Environment, Personal Growth, Money, Romance and Friends & Family. It’s quite interesting to see where your own life is at at one moment in time.

I am probably the healthiest eater i know, i don’t eat meat but a lot of vegetables and salads. Don’t get me wrong i eat A LOT. What i eat actually benefits me though, which is something i try to be very aware of since the rest of my student life is the absolute opposite of healthy. Balance is very important, but…

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Victim and Victim and Victim, oh my!

So I finally got down to it everybody…That’s right, today I put my knowledge to the test and created the victims of my serial killer.

Now when it comes to make-up I’m not exactly a “pro” or even “good”, but what I lack in skill and knowledge I make up with…wait…I got this, don’t give me the answer…OH YES, spunk. Now since “spunk” doesn’t mean shit at AFDA, I had to do the next best thing…cry for help. That help came in the form of Leah. Saviour, hero, Godsend.

She helped me with all the basics and even let me use her paint which honestly, was the best thing that has happened this past few weeks…no, really. So after much trial and tribulation…actually no trials, I just jumped in head first, this is what I came up with.

Ruth a.k.a truth (her ghetto name)

Ruth a.k.a truth (her ghetto name)

Andre the giant....hold the giant, insert "pleasant".

Andre the giant….hold the giant, insert “pleasant”.


Ryan and Leah…beautiful.

There you have it ya’ll, my first time touching make-up…well, other than my mom’s make-up, but that was strictly for army paint and battle scars.

My Fairy tale, Beauty and The Beast…with a GIF!

Reinvention of a Fairy tale…


The fairy tale I have chosen to base my project off of to fit in with today’s society is Beauty and Beast. The reasoning behind this choice was that I asked a lot of people what they were doing and the answers were the same. Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White were the majority of the responses I would get. So I tried to veer from the norm and choose one of my favorites, Beauty and the Beast.

The Story

In my modern day take on the story, the beast was a black gentleman who grew up in the projects in the Projects. Beauty was a white university student.

So here’s the story.

Belle was an aspiring writer in University and the daughter of a single parent. Her father was an inventor at NASA. He was a little “kooky”, but this didn’t faze Belle, she loved him nonetheless. All the guys at school thought that she was the most beautiful chick. Meaning that Belle got hit on a lot, the most by a guy named Gus, he tried every day, but since he was a rude jock, Belle declined his offers on a daily basis.

Now for the beast, His name was Eric. He was a young black gentleman from the projects. He was attending a different university from Belle. He was misunderstood as he had a gentle heart but a rough exterior because of a forced gang-life.

For one of his gang trials, he had to kidnap somebody and hold them for a ransom. So one night he crept into the “upper-class” neighborhood and found his victim, an old man, maybe in his early 50’s. He captured the man and took him to the gang’s hideout. Little did he know that this man was Belle’s father!

He called Belle demanding the ransom fee. Unfortunately, Belle didn’t have the money and didn’t have a job either. So she offered herself over in place of her dad, that way her dad could pay the ransom when he made the money. Belle’s father did not like this plan at all, but it was the only option, so they made the switch.

Over the next few weeks, Belle realized that Eric was not a bad guy, but a product of his social upbringing. She saw that his heart was warm with love and that he didn’t want to go through with this ransom. So one night he let her go. That same night he decided to leave the gang and focus on his dream of becoming a lawyer in the Big Apple.

Belle’s father was overjoyed when he saw his daughter walking up their driveway and welcomed him back with a big hug and kiss. He still did not trust Eric, but was thankful he let her go.

One night Belle went to a party downtown with her friends. Afterwards she walked home…alone. Remember Gus? Well he was at the party as well and saw her leave, he decided to make her his that night. He followed her a few blocks and eventually caught up to her and shoved her into an ally way. You can all imagine what he was going to do. As he was undressing her, Eric showed up. He beat Gus up and called the cops.

Since Belle was in shock, Eric carried her home.  Her father ran outside when he saw them. After explaining what had happened, Belle’s father saw Eric for who he truly was and approved of their relationship.

They got married after university and are both successful in their fields. Her dad is retired now, but continues to consult for NASA as head inventor/innovator. He is still kooky.

Beauty and The Beast, Michaela being the latter. ;)

Beauty and The Beast, Michaela being the latter. 😉

How it might be relevant in today’s society.

Since my story has to be relevant in today’s society I thought up a few reasons how/why it could be:

  • It is the norm for the rich to be with the rich and the poor to be with the poor. They don’t “mix” with each other.
  • Conservative upper-class families wouldn’t usually allow their daughter date the other race, if said race was poorer and not of the same standard as them.
  • Rape is a relevant issue and often happens after parties. Young girls get targeted all the time and often to walk in groups to and from parties/late night events, to avoid such attacks.

My Room. To be more specific, my livingroom


My place on a good day.

My place on a good day.

How does this space make me feel?

Before I begin, I have decided to write my essay on my living room as I have a room-mate, and I feel like the room we share does not really represent me in any way.

OK, so in my living room, the feeling I wanted to create for myself and guests was COMFORTABILITY. To be honest, I think I’ve achieved that goal as my house has that feeling as I and many of my friends feel relaxed when in my living room. Personally, my living room has everything that I want it to: Posters that represent me and my hobbies, action figures of popular comic book characters, (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles etc.).

It also feels “homey”, meaning that it feels like a home, not just a student apartment. I have a working fireplace, two leather (or “pleather”) couches that can seat five, Television with DSTV, carpet. And to not forget, my apartment is not a student res. It is an apartment for two, so there aren’t people constantly walking around. It makes the place feel more personal (for me at least).

So to sum up how my place makes me feel:

  • Comfortable
  • Peaceful

How my living room represents me.


My living room represents me in many different ways and through many different objects and/or items throughout.

I am going to name all these items/objects that represent me and why.

  1. Planet of the Apes (1968) Film Poster


So for the first item, the Planet of the Apes film poster represents me in a few ways:

  • I am a huge fan of comic books and POP culture. For me, I think this obsession started when I watched the original Planet of the Apes movie with my dad when I was around the age of ten or eleven. From there I have collected well over 100 plus comic books and graphic novels to date. When I saw this poster (which takes up the majority of my one wall I might add), I had to buy it. It is kind of the thing that made me who I am today, a fun-loving comic book fan. Whenever I see it, it brings back memories from when I was a kid.
  1. Framed Superman Unchained issue 1.


So yeah, this kind of pushes my “geekiness” over the top. I had my Superman Unchained issue 1 framed. Why? Well there are three main reasons why.

  • So first off, the reason I framed this specific comic book was because (A) I love comic books, specifically DC comic books.
  • (B)The artist, Jim Lee, is my absolute favourite artist of all time. He has worked for Marvel, Image (which he co-founded), and now DC. His most popular works include: Batman, W.I.L.D CATS, Justice League and X-men.
  • And (C) It is an issue one and it hasn’t been opened. I have recently bought the entire volume, meaning I have read it.

This item kind of indicates that I love comic books. Everyone who has seen it has asked that question: “Are you a fan of comics?” You know the answer.

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures.


Right off the bat, I’m going to state that these figures do not help with girls. So there’s that.

My cousin recently went to the States and when she got back she gave me these TMNT figures. Now you may be wondering how these items represent me. Well, when I was growing up in the 90’s, the one cartoon show that every boy watched was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I also watched Power Rangers, but that’s beside the point. So for about 5 years I watched this show religiously, until it ended.

I still occasionally watch the new TMNT show on Nickelodeon, but it’s not really the same.

  1. The Joker drawing.

(as seen above)

For my 18th Birthday, my good friend, Kimberlee Viljoen, drew Alex Ross’s interpretation of The Joker. She is super talented and when I saw it I had a mini-panic attack. It was AMAZING. So amazing in fact, that I had it framed and put it up on my shelf in my living room.

As some of my close friends will know, I love Batman, especially in the comics. This meaning that I love The Joker just as much. He has to be my all-time favourite comic book villains. So having a one of a kind drawn picture of him, it’s just really awesome.

  1. Matric farewell photograph.

Even though I have a weird face in the photograph, this item means the most to me. It was taken late last year when my school had its Matric Farewell, I went with Kimberlee, remember her?

It was a pretty lousy farewell I might add, but Kimberlee and I had a good time, (and subsequently this lead to our families becoming really good friends). Her dad took the photo and Kim gave it to me for my 19th Birthday (I think it’s become a habit for her to give me pictures).

Since Kim and I are really close friends, this item means a lot to me and has a lot of sentimental value.

What else?

Other items lying around that represent me could be:


  • Various Magazines, (surfing, GQ etc.)
  • Various DVD’s, (All comedies, Family Guy as well as Dark Knight Trilogy)
  • Various CD’s, (Frank Sinatra, The Blues Brothers, A lot of Rock old and new)

Color choices.

Since this is not my house technically, I cannot paint it, but I have grown fond of the pale peach colour. The outside of my house is grey, which I really like. Neither of these colours really represents me, but I like them both. I will try to paint it very soon though. Here’s hoping that my land-lord is cool.

Anything I don’t like…?

Actually there is one thing that I’m not quite fond of. See, my house isn’t very big, meaning that my kitchen is part of my living room. So if there are dirty dishes, everyone can see them/smell them. And my kitchen is very, very small, so even a few plates make the place look dirty. But that’s the only thing about my place that I do not like.

Thanks for listening guys!